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Comic 842 – “Google+ Debacle”


Errol: We do have a Google+ page. We are abandoning the old one. I don’t know if you guys knew we had an old one, but we do have an old one. The new one was created for us when we didn’t want it created for us.

And funny thing, we can’t get a custom url. They always want to add an extra character to the end of the custom url. I’m hoping when our email becomes associated as the official owner of that page, then we can get a proper url.

At least we don’t have to log into our youtube account with a different address.

And hopefully, this post, if all goes well, will be farmed out to all the Social Media sites! It should go to Twitter, Tumblr, G+ and LinkedIn! Of course, it won’t go to Facebook because that’s broken for some reason. *sigh*

8 Responses to Comic 842 – “Google+ Debacle”

  1. connecting anything or putting anything on Facebook has become a joke now for people, they expect you to pay to show it to more of your followers. Greed at work

    on a lighter note today Comic Debs wins lol

  2. Google+ has given me so much trouble at work, exactly because of the YouTube thing, and the fact that I wasn’t the original page manager. You have my sympathies.

  3. Ugh! I pretty much gave up and just post separately. Pain in the virtual butt, but still, not TOO bad.


    • I have to post in FB and G+ separately. I don’t mind being in either separately, but I’d like the comics to post all at the same time!