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Comic 847 – Three Columns

Errol: You know what else Jules did? They went through all the comics and made them feature images in every post so that it will display properly when you select ALL Comics in the menu. Good grief. That’s a lot of work.

Reminds me when Brian went and tagged all the comic characters in all the comics. Heck, Debs went and fixed all the categories.

You guys are troopers!

Did anyone notice I changed the footer so that they have soot sprites now? Hah!

Debs:Β Oh my gosh…Jules, that’s crazy! I had no idea you did that. I think my head would seriously explode. Fixing the categories wasn’t nearly that much work. I did have to go into a lot of posts to see what they were, but I could mostly do batch edits.


54 Responses to Comic 847 – Three Columns

  1. Love the layout.
    Ok, but when I go from gmail (where I get my daily notifications sent) and click on the comic, it goes to a regular two column layout. Is that intended?

    I guess it’s the one with the comment field.

    Either way, the site looks SHNAZZY!
    Love the Debs and Errol branding everywhere! πŸ™‚

  2. This is the point at which we had better give up waiting for any more strips from the trip to OryCon- because by the time they get done, it’ll be midway through the year at this rate…

  3. Mmmm…one other thing. (NooooOOOOOO!!!)

    Is there a way to check a box for notification without having to go through the whole process of going to my email and having to click another link?

    I wish/hope we could do it all here on the site itself, because, I like being here.
    Sending me away feels like punishment.

    Have I been bad? πŸ™

      • No, it’s the β€œClick to receive an e-mail notification when you get a response to your comment”. It’s a pretty roundabout process that kind of made me stop trying to get the notfications

      • I don’t know if this works, but what if you are on WordPress? As in, have an id at

        Do you get the bar at the top with notifications? Or maybe not? Maybe I do because I’m an admin.

      • There’s two checkmarkable boxes at the bottom of the posts. One to notify of new posts and one to notify of follow up comments.

        I login using WordPress.

      • I’m guessing he’s referring to having to go to your email and confirm that you do want to receive notifications. Every time you click to be notified you still have to go confirm. Though it’s never been a big deal to me, but my email account is usually already up in another link. Maybe I’m just in the minority, using a desktop instead of a mobile device?

      • Oh, okay. I get it! So basically, you click the “receive email notifications” box, and then a message goes to your email and then you have to confirm via that that you do want to follow the post. Yes, that does seem very roundabout. Is there anything we can do about that, Jules?

      • Nope. That is how WordPress functions.

        The only alternative is that people subscribe to the comments via RSS (you can do that in the Meta area). But, the downside to that is there is a delay in the RSS feed.

  4. it actually wasn’t that hard to do the tags it took maybe 30 minutes to an hour. of course it helped that me and dad where both working on it.

  5. The comics all being laid out there like that is awesome. Anyone starting from the beginning could go through pretty quickly and smoothly like that if they wanted to, rather than clicking from one post to the next.

  6. I just noticed the new footer images. When I looked earlier, I guess I was being served with a cached copy of the footer because it was the old images.


    (Also, I think I’m replying only as an excuse to hover over things.)