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Our New Web Design!


Errol: Huzzah! Thanks to Jules of Skookum Monkey, we finally got our website design complete! You have no idea what Jules had to go through working with us. First, I would give Jules direction on things. And then Debs would state different things. And then I would start telling Debs my reasons for wanting things. And then Debs would tell us why she didn’t want it a certain way.

In the end, I wanted things to be more functional and Debs wanted pretty. And stuck between us was Jules. Poor Jules.

Now, there are some things we will be fixing, but for now, this is the new layout! Huzzah! Yes, I know that it’s quite busy, so if there are things on this front page that you would like to say you don’t think need to be on here, by all means, tell us! We argued about this for weeks. ^_^


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