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Comic 845 – “Special Features Gig”


Tonight! Tonight we’re on with The Special Features, Musical Improv Troupe on Jan 25th! It starts at 8pm at the Imperial. I hear there’s food!

9 Responses to Comic 845 – “Special Features Gig”

  1. So what we do is come up with a host of crazy parody song combinations and count on those living in Toronto to cover Errol’s surroundings in notes with the combinations written on them- that way, the moment Errol looks anywhere, his surroundings are covered in parody song suggestions- such as a Terraria parody of “Singing in the rain” (because I don’t know how Errol has managed to avoid writing a Terraria song yet), or a Jawa parody of “Take on Me” because “Utinni” needs to be a thing…