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Comic 846 – “New Site is Live!”


Errol: We’re so happy! Thanks so much, Jules! You can check out the Skookum Monkey Website, they’re the ones that made the design! ^_^

Oh, and for the record, Debs didn’t break the wiki.

Debs: * Laughs * I showed it to a friend on my phone and the first thing she said was “I like the cute Totoros” 😀 I’m glad I didn’t break the wiki. And thank you so much, Jules. The site is awesome!!! 🙂 You and Errol were totally right about the 3-column layout, by the way.

20 Responses to Comic 846 – “New Site is Live!”

  1. I hadn’t scrolled as far as the bottom of the page until just now, so I’ve been sat here wondering where the totoros were. Having finally found them, I agree with Debs. They are very cute 🙂
    I also like the buttons that change colour and errol/debs logo when you hover over them

  2. Wow. It looks awesome, but will take some time to get used to, lol. Very different and a lot of very white space. So this is no longer a web page to read when I’m half asleep, but then, that will probably only improve my comments. x.x

    Also, I totally stopped mid-comic to hunt the page for the Totoros and now have both the English and Japanese versions of that song warring in my head. Yesterday it was Do you want to build a snowman at war with Make it So. And yes, I finally saw all of Frozen. I think.

  3. Just to let you guys know… Went to Youtube. Typed “Make it” into the search bar, “Make It So” was the suggested/featured top suggestion. When I clicked… your video was the FIRST now!

  4. Alright… time to find hidden easter eggs.

    Although I do miss scrolling down and seeing the last 5 comics or so…