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Comic 856 – “Powell’s Books”


Errol: During our visit to Portland, we checked out Powell’s Books. It was pretty amazing. I do love just hanging out in bookstores. I probably should post pictures.

Debs: A picture! I found a picture! Okay, so this is just inside one of the entrances. Yes, there are many entrances because Powell’s is the size of a city block. I’m holding the map of it! Wow. These comics make me miss Portland.


13 Responses to Comic 856 – “Powell’s Books”

  1. a block wide full of books???? I must move there!! can Debs be my tour guide?

    should we be worried when Comic Errol’s the straight person to Comic Deb’s comedy? we like it lol

    • Not just a block. A four-story building on a whole city block. And several satellite stores. We love our Powells. 🙂

    • Choice nothing! Sit in the store and read until they kick you out then go into hock borrowing from EVERYONE to buy them all…. There are reasons I am in debt. Book stores are high on that list.

  2. You totally need to come to Portland again! Battlepoet and I would gleefully be your tour guides 😀

    And next time, we’ll make sure we know where we’re going…..