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Comic 857 – “Music Store Trip”

Errol: For those of you who have no idea what’s happening, last November we were Guests at a convention in Portland, Oregon called Orycon. I was on crutches because I sprained my foot. And when the border is white, the comic is in the past. When the border is black, the comic is in present day.

Now you’re all caught up. Ok, not really.

Debs: Smart, Errol. Now I can’t make you go back and add them because then this comic won’t make any sense. Well played.

11 Responses to Comic 857 – “Music Store Trip”

  1. We need a crutch concert comic… *tries to make it so that Errol has to add not only crutches but also instruments, custom venue background, audience…

  2. Oh yeah. I forgot Errol was supposed to be on crutches too. XD

    I’ve been attempting FAWM. It seems harder this year even though I actually have more ideas this year also. Still, I wrote two things. Woo progress. 🙂

  3. forget the crutches…how many books did you guys get at that monster bookstore??? Debs…we need details! my town sadly has lost bookstores over the years 🙁

    • Shockingly, we did not buy any books. Crazy, I know, but money’s extremely tight for me until I find a job. But…I did fall in love with a really gorgeous edition of The Hobbit. 😀