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Comic 858 – “Opening Ceremonies”


Errol: To be fair, we did not need to memorize our parts for the opening ceremonies. I eventually did, because I was on crutches and didn’t want to try and read from crutches. Fortunately, we had small parts. 

Manpans: And I have hit an official rock bottom. I felt guilty for a creative choice that I had no part of. Go me.


11 Responses to Comic 858 – “Opening Ceremonies”

  1. Just when you have me convinced Comic Errol is a man of one method, you throw a curveball lol

    I saw Lego the Movie yesterday with my brothers and their family, the movie was loved by all which made me ponder what Comic Errol and Comic Debs would look like Lego style…plus one character in the movie just made me think of Comic Errol, I’ll leave you to figure out which one. Comic Debs would be Wyldstyle.

  2. Been listening to the deluxe Frozen OST, and now every time I hear (or sing to myself) Let it Go, I wind up mixing and matching Let it Go and Make It So…. but when I heard it this last time… I heard the proper line “The cold never bothered me anyway” but I heard it in Debs’ voice. My head is a weird place.

  3. “Submitted for your approval: a cartoonist behind on his storyline. But not just any cartoonist, and not just any storyline. You see, the world he’s stepped into is not the same world you and I inhabit, but a world unto its own, a world in which left is switched with right, cats and dogs live together, where crutches disappear, and where supporting characters from the present intrude into the past.

    “He’s hasn’t entered just any zone.

    “He’s entered The Portlandia Zone”.

    (cue spooky music, you know the one)

  4. The title made me think you shifted the comics to the Olympics!

    But yay for more Orycon comics! And ooo is the skit going to be tomorrow’s comic?