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Comic 860 – “Performance Flow”


Errol: I talk about creative flow in our Creativity Panels. I find it fascinating. ^_^

Debs:ย This is true. Errol never remembers anything that happens on-stage after the fact. I should somehow capitalize on this.

30 Responses to Comic 860 – “Performance Flow”

  1. Csikszentmihalyi reference for the win! Reading his stuff is pretty much my only good memory from one of my classes at university.

      • I was going to offer you the short version, but then I remembered that I don’t really have that setting in my brain, so…

        It was a class called “Creative Problem Solving”, which is an Undergraduate Studies course, which is required to graduate from the University of Texas. It’s part of the first year experience and is meant to be multi-disciplinary and introduce incoming first years to university resources and a wider range of topics than they may study on their own. However, since it’s required to graduate, transfer students have to take it, too, no matter how much they may be a 33-year-old nontraditional student who has already acquainted herself with the library and whatnot.

        The readings for the class were the redeeming feature, because we did read a wide range of really interesting stuff, including Csikszentmihalyi.

        The other bright spot in the class was that all my 19-year-old classmates decided that I was their den mother or something, and used me as a buffer between themselves and our TA so she didn’t try to kill them after they asked the same question for the fifth time. And since I’m an enabler and was really flattered that they thought I had it all together, I absolutely let them hide behind me for a semester. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • The reply button is all the way up here? Hmm. I kept the course packet so I could remember whose stuff we read– that’s how much I enjoyed the readings: Richard Florida, Daniel Pink, Jared Diamond, Norman Doidge, Michael Pollan, and Malcolm Gladwell. Wow, I guess I had forgotten there are no women in this course packet.

  2. think he’s somehow channeling the Force and Debs wants to learn how? Comic Errol already talks funny..maybe he’s Yoda but Empire Yoda instead of Prequels Yoda

  3. Actually, when Iโ€™m acting I tend to black out sometimes and not remember anything from a performance or at least parts of it. This is often when I am completely engrossed in a role. Oftentimes those are the performances that people tell me were the best. I wish I could see them.

  4. I get into recording/writing flow sometimes but on stage not so much because I’m often worrying about something ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Sidenote…just wondering how many times Debs rolls her eyes at Errol’s comments on these pages?

      • We could always start sending her your most obnoxious comments by email so that she didn’t miss them- if that would help matters?

  6. Well, speaking as someone who was sitting in the front row, your concert was full of fun and frolic. Also chorus-line kicking to “Still Alive.”

    I have the videos to prove it.

      • It’s a thing I do at all the cons I attend. At this point, I think I have around 250gbs of filk videos. I have your entire GOH concert as well as the songs you performed during the Masquerade. I think I also got one or two of your performances in the filk circles. My dad even recorded some of the song where a bunch of us joined you on stage to “Still Alive.”

        And I have Debs being pelted by tribbles!!! I haven’t been able to listen to it yet, but I’m a little afraid the audio won’t be too clear because of my hyena-esque laughing ๐Ÿ˜€

        I’m planning to post the vids to YouTube, if you don’t mind, but alas it will have to wait until this semester is over. My classes are trying to kill me…