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Comic 859 – “Chaotic”


Errol: I make it difficult for actors to find a cue when I start going off on tangents when I deliver scripts…

Manpans: To be fair, acting with Errol is awesome. Though he does give my limited improv skills a run for their money…only a couple of tears are involved.

10 Responses to Comic 859 – “Chaotic”

  1. I went to Who immediately when you mentioned weeping. 🙂 And I was going to mention the crutches, but you covered that too. Didn’t leave us much to comment on, lol.

    So, whotch’a up ta in who?

  2. so does that mean Manpans is supposed to be missing something if she’s time traveling? this of course will come into play when Comic Errol realizing he doesn’t have enough time to do everything creates a time machine thus confusing all the women when they ask “how can he be in so many places at once” and only Comic Errol knows the answer

  3. Man, these comics are getting crowded. You’re going to have to open at least two new panels and introduce several new characters if this keeps up.

    Manpans has a point there. Generally, these things do end in tears.

    Just don’t let the past/future selves meet up with the future past selves.

    Know why?

    No, not mutual annihilation … just a whole bunch of extra people to have as guests, and they all know each other, so nobody has any secrets, and they all start talking about each other to each other.

    You see? I told you this stuff ends in tears.