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Comic 861 – “Adoration”


Errol: Ha ha, Comic Errol is jealous! ^_^ To be fair, Debs is pretty awesome. A lot of people do like the Debs! I’m sure something like this happened after the concert.

Debs: No it didn’t, Errol!! Comic Debs and real Debs completely deviate here because reading this makes real Debs cringe.

22 Responses to Comic 861 – “Adoration”

  1. Oh yes, in both realms, Debs is going to kill you, and yes Princess Debs would have the geeks fighting over her

    • I imagine comic Debs going after comic Errol in the style of Carrie Fisher in Blues Brothers… (only with Star Wars weapons- and maybe a couple of honourable mentions from other settings- rather than their real world equivalents)

      • Yes, but that only comes after the narrow escape from a planet as it gets bombarded from orbit by the executor (or the Debs equivalent)

        The name makes me cringe to think about it, but unless we come up with something better it would probably be called the Debsecutor… *sigh*

      • 1. We’ll call it Deb’s Super Star Destroyer, up to her what she calls it

        2. Both Errols would be destroyed as Debs would go Sith and probably fry them with Sith Lightning

      • Be grateful you don’t do more electronic music, otherwise we’d have already coined the term Debstep.

  2. Comments: “I lot of people do like the Debs!”
    You may want to look at that I.

    I’ll go back to my lurking now.

  3. Just got around to looking at the new site.
    I can’t comment on old posts.
    I don’t like this.
    This is confusing.
    Help me.

      • better idea just to keep them turned off and if people want to post, make it in the forums…unless you want a million email alerts and have to bounce between dozens of pages trying to follow ancient conversations.

  4. So by general vote, who says we should now call Debs “Princess Debs” in the comments <until she gets tired of it? or "Sith Lady Debs"?

  5. I sure hope someone *didn’t* drool in a cup at OryCon.

    We have this hospital in town that’s working on clonin’.


    And it’s ‘clonin”, not ‘cloning’, because country music is, sorry to say, ‘popular’ here in Oregon, so it’s got to be clonin’.

    And if they be clonin’, there may be more than one alarming sight to see, if D&E ever get back to Oregon.

    It may well end in tears.

    Or at least a lot more drool.