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Comic 867 – “Site Stats”


Errol: I noticed this yesterday. Poor Totoro.

Debs: Huh. I’m surprised that the Choose Your Own Adventure comic isn’t in the top 10.

12 Responses to Comic 867 – “Site Stats”

  1. My Facebook friends got really excited about yesterday’s comic, that’s for sure. But then, I don’t really make friends with people who aren’t Whovians. I’ve never inquired about Totoro.

  2. But Your Highness Debs, your Court Jester is trying everything to entertain the masses. Just don’t ask him to break out the dual lightsabers, children still cry when they see him with anything that resembles a double bladle hilt

  3. Cosplay (spoiler) from Kingdom Hearts for duel light sabers. >.>

    So do a Whovian Totoro crossover comic, that should do it…

    • Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is any disney villain reimagined as a dark lord of the sith…

      • Exar Kun’s double bladed saber was shown in the Tales of the Jedis, at least 2 years before Lucas even thought about writing Episode I