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Comic 869 – “RantFest”


Errol: We’re at Con-G and having tons of fun! HUZZAH! Considering this was scheduled, I’m only assuming we’re having fun, but I’m pretty sure that we are. You should come to Guelph and check it out! ^_^

Manpans: This conversation is pretty much word for word. It was awesome! And CON-G! HOPEFULLY I’M NOT SCREWING UP MY PANELS RIGHT NOW!

2 Responses to Comic 869 – “RantFest”

  1. if Comic Errol has to think about it…it’s not a rant…if I told you to tell me 5 things wrong with Star Wars and it lasts half an hour and you’re breathing fire by the end…that’s a Rant…

    or with you…just have Debs tell something that can drive her nuts about you…but step back, it might make Princess Debs go all Sithy on you