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Comic 868 – “Con-G Ride Scheduling”


Errol: It’s Con-G! HUZZAH! We’re so excited! Concerts! Panels! I can’t wait! ^_^ Oh, and here is Comic 570!

Debs: Hey man, I was depending on this comic for information about rides and this tells me nothing!

Manpans: CON-G CON-GEEEEEEE! I’m excited :D. And nervous :D. I still have a couple of things to figure out for panels.



12 Responses to Comic 868 – “Con-G Ride Scheduling”

  1. My back up plan for these types of event are simple…if I say we’re going at that time, we’re going, you miss that time, you have to get there on your own…I did that for the last convention, my buddy went later in the day. Early bird gets the worm.

    • Problem is, she’s my bandmate. I can’t just LEAVE her. She’d just end up not going. And then I’d be all on my own on stage and nobody wants to see me. ^_^

      She is much better now. 😀 And she’s never missed a gig.

      • I was thinking in terms of comic conventions…gigs and business, you grab her and throw her in the car, take off wheels a squealing yelling “It’s a matter of life and death!”

        or not…..

  2. I remember the days when Manda hadn’t yet fully been transformed by The Debs and Errol Experience ™ and now ManPans is this every present force right along side Debs and Errol and even appearing in other comics when she wasn’t even there in the events. A bit like every Jiminy Cricket.

    Remember when she had appeared the first time in the comic?
    Whitless's first appearance in the comic.

    And she sang!

  3. We do this in my family. It’s not so much lying, because we are all aware of it. The problem came the one time mom didn’t tell me an earlier time, and I had counted on the buffer. Whoops.

  4. People have tried that with me, and usually it works out that this is when I show up 10 minutes early. So we end up staring at each other for 30 minutes.

    • People never need to do it with me- because I always make a point of being early for things (I think I have a deep seated aversion to the existence of the last minute)