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Comic 912 – “#VoteGeek Pics”


Errol: PICTURES! WE WANT PICTURES! Well, I want your pictures. Debs doesn’t even know what I’m doing with them.

Debs: True story!

Errol: Actually, I don’t even know what I’m doing. Probably will make a collage. Just like the comic says.

Please send us a picture of you with #VoteGeek? That’d be awesome. Will we use it in public? Yes. Yes we will. Just send it to our email please:

And yes, I made another parody video for #Searchlight this time based on Modern Major General.

#VoteGeek For #Searchlight!

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2 Responses to Comic 912 – “#VoteGeek Pics”

  1. Day something something of Errol going slightly creepy on these guys..Debs being the sane one of the Duo plots to imprison her bandmate in an asylum…tricking Errol by saying it’s a live action video game…..what will happen tmw?