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Comic 913 – “#Searchlight Geeks”



Please send us a picture of you with #VoteGeek? That’d be awesome. Will we use it in public? Yes. Yes we will. Just send it to our email please:

And yes, I made a fourth parody video for #Searchlight. Going BACK TO THE 80’S!

#VoteGeek For #Searchlight!

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9 Responses to Comic 913 – “#Searchlight Geeks”

  1. Enya’s Irish, afraid she’s got an inherited advantage over you guys. Don’t worry, you guys will hit it big, everyone will court Her Highness and Errol….well back to the house with you as you watch your soon to be former partner accepting award after award, forgetting both her start and those who helped her start on her path to fame, glory, and homes in warmer climate. <—that last one, I'm certain is Her Highness's true motive for all of this..

    • Oh, I’m all for Debs getting famous and forgetting about me. ^_^

      And why can’t I be Elvish? My last name sounds Elvish! ^_^

      • Your last name Elumir could possibly mean Star-dude-jewel, in combined Sindarin/Quenya forms (Elu->Sindarin form of Elwe, as in Elu Thingol) and the -mir from Quenya (mire) for jewel. Boromir also had a kind of mishmash name like that.

  2. Do you really want to be Elvish? After all, as Kari would be first to remind you, everybody hates elves…

    • E: There is Elvish in Geek Love Song, and we do have an entire Elvish song we wrote for FAWM. We aren’t too sure on pronunciation though…