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Comic 914 – “#Searchlight Hopes”


Errol: First off, I am SUPER APPRECIATIVE of your support. I was hesitant of putting this comic up because it sounds like I am taking it all for granted. I’m not. I am surprised by the dedication I am hearing from a lot of you when it comes to voting and you are awesome.

And the further we get in this contest, the better chance of us finding more and more of our audience! In fact, just with what we have now, I have introduced more people to the wonderful world of geek music! And not people that needed to be convinced, but those that would actually be interested! That’s awesome!

However, it is tiring. And although it’d be amazing if we did get into the next round, that would mean even more work because I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to this. And I haven’t done my taxes yet either. Oh Well! We’ll find out this afternoon!

Thanks again, guys! And win or lose, I plan on taking the pictures you’ve given me and making it a collage for our FB page! ^_^ So if anyone wants to send in more pictures of #VOTEGEEK, that’d be awesome!

Manda: First, I am amused by the inclusion of Errol’s blue glasses. Second, the Monkeyman shows went so well! Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who showed support! Debs nailed Make It So. Errol ate a microphone. No joke.

Third,  yeah, Errol has been working hard. Really hard. It’s rare to see his reserves run low, and this is one of those times. But it’s a huge boost to see all the support you guys show and it makes it more than worth it for him :D. Heh, he does not know I am writing this. Go Debs and Errol!

8 Responses to Comic 914 – “#Searchlight Hopes”

    • Errol broke his square glasses and has taken to wearing these little round purple glasses everywhere. It’s sort of like what you’d get if John Lennon, Elton John, and Harry Potter had an Asian love child.

  1. To Kari – that’s hilarious.

    To Errol, I got a call from Dad’s cell phone yesterday. I was freaked out because
    a) Dad never uses his cell
    b) Dad never calls me.
    I can hear that he’s driving in his car (speaker phone, of course) and he sounds a bit frantic and I think he’s having a heart attack, “Lizette! You have to vote for me. I’m heading to a meeting but I forgot to vote for Errol!!!”
    He’s so cute.

  2. Huzzah!!!!!
    Voting is caring.

    Errol…whatever happens will be cool.
    Don’t be beating yourself up and stuff.
    We don’t want you inducing any sort of anxiety attack.
    Deep, cleansing breaths.
    #votecalm #votegeek

  3. I can see it now…if they do advance, Debs had to do all the drawing until they win because Errol will just stare off into the distance, exhausted and finally depleted. However we shall continue voting simply because Errol will beg us to go to another Castle because the voting’s there…waitt a minute….this is just like Super Mario Bros!!! Let’s go rescue the Princess Debs!! She’s in another Castle!!! Save the Princess!!