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8 Responses to Comic 915 – “Back to Normal”

  1. I’m sure this period is proving very taxing on your free time… (or lack thereof)

  2. 1. that sucks that you didn’t get into the 3rd round but great that you got into the 2nd round.
    2. who do we flood with sad faces and disappointed comments that you didn’t get into the 3rd round?
    3. why did I think she had the Superman symbol on her shirt?
    4. how bad is taxes time up in Canada? today’s supposed to be the last day in here in the US if I’m correct

    • 1. Honestly, it was awesome to get into the 2nd round. We weren’t expecting that! ^_^

      2. And if you wish to flood sad faces and disappointed comments, that would be CBCMusic! ^_^ They have a twitter and facebook page. 😀 Poor guys, I spammed them enough with #VoteGeek.

      4. I think our last day is end of April.

      • Yeah, end of April! Also the thing Errol neglected to mention is that I’ve had our band taxes basically done for over a month and I’ve been waiting on Errol to send me like…the 5 things that he has that I don’t. 😛