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Comic 916 – “Not Done Yet”


Errol: My friend Erin, who I met during the Searchlight contest, is still in the top 10 for her region. If I share her CBC Music Searchlight link, I enter her contest where she is offering a CD and a cover a song of my choice!


Debs: You’re an evil person.

11 Responses to Comic 916 – “Not Done Yet”

  1. Curses! Now I’m playing Zork online and even with the walkthrough, failing. I think there’s a mistake in there…or the online version doesn’t let you go EAST after going SOUTH and DOWN from the trapdoor.


    • Oh crums!

      I was positive I played it on my ipad and it worked… at least for the first part. πŸ™

      Anyone have an ipad to check it out?

  2. And, don’t you need the Elvish sword at some point or is it just ornamental?
    How could we leave behind an ELVISH SWORD!!

  3. Yep. You forgot to mention TAKE SWORD.
    When you win the contest, send her the revised walkthrough lyrics. πŸ™‚
    It’s for the kids. β„’