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Comic 987 – “Springing Things”


Errol: Remember THE BAND IS NOT ENDING! Please check Comic 986 for explanation of this story arc.

And yes, Real life Errol is a jerk. Funny thing, I thought Debs knew.

Debs: I didn’t know. 😛 It really felt as though you sprung it on me, Errol. It’s pretty hard to read intent over chat.

9 Responses to Comic 987 – “Springing Things”

  1. OMG, Errol! Saying let’s split the band over chat is like breaking up with a person over text!!! For shame! Debs, I’m with you on this one, lol. *crosses arms indignantly*

  2. There are things which need to be discussed in person- and this counts as one of those…