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[SONG] “Wanna Be Your Asian”

Errol: It’s my anniversary today! Huzzah! Yes, I got married on Valentine’s day. This is a song I wrote for my wife. It kinda critiques asian, sidekick stereotypes. Kinda…

And no, Debs is not my wife.


Verse 1
Do you believe? What’s seen on screen,
Don’t believe all that is said.
Just look at me!
I don’t wear rice bowls upon my head

But I’ll Defend you as Kato Did
Hope to be as wise as Mr. Miyagi
or like Russel who taught us how
To approach life so Doggedly

Wanna be your- I wanna be yours
I wanna be your Asian

They think I’m superhuman Or a genius with math
and born with kung fu abilities
But I’m not sexual With bottle thick glasses
Assumptions ’bout my anatomy

When Big trouble came, Wang Chi was there
Can I make you laugh Like Takei

But if I talk too fast You misunderstand
Remember Short Round What did that kid say?

19 Responses to [SONG] “Wanna Be Your Asian”

  1. Wow. What did I just watch? Seriously, vids like this should have an NSFL warning at times. That said, it was good. Just, next time, more Memes. She looks like Summer Glau, which is good.

    • @Kelson, well… it WAS to my wife. If it was ALL memes, then that would be weird. 😀 I was debating putting her in more, but then decided against it. 😀

      And I never thought of her as an asian Summer Glau. 😀

      (Btw, I DO have many other videos with her where she is in it and not me)

      • @Errol, more Summer Glau and less Errol would be awesome. And the fact that you made a music video for your wife is a bit odd to begin with, so having another woman in it just increases the weirdness.

      • @Kelson, If there is anything about me… “odd” would be a good choice. 😀

        And that other woman is my cousin! Ok… that’s weird. But I needed more asians in there… and Manda and Debs aren’t asian.

      • @Kelson, Actually, it’s not really odd. It’s in keeping with many of the videos he has done in the past. Mimi is a common denominator in a lot of Errol’s singing/dancing videos. It would feel wrong if she wasn’t in this one. The odd video would have been when he got our parents to do the Macarena….

      • @Lizette Tanner, Sadly… we DID the macarena… and we were cut off screen because we didn’t have a camera person.

        And… because we did a lot of things in one take, I didn’t check the video after.

        So… the closeup shots of me didn’t work… which really was for the best anyway.