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CBC’s Here and Now – “Geek Love Song” Clip

Hey all! Remember that post where we were super excited about being played on CBC’s Here and Now?

Ok, there was more than one post.

Anyway, my sister bought that little clip of the episode, and if you wish, you can listen to it. Of course, they cut the binary short, but hey, it was long.


“Geek Love Song” played on CBC’s Here and Now (Download 3.5Mb)


10 Responses to CBC’s Here and Now – “Geek Love Song” Clip

  1. Even with radio compression, it’s still a great copy, cannot wait until the CD comes out for the good version.

  2. Also, I’ve had a bone to pick about your Klingon for a while now… I think it’s wrong.

  3. W.O.W. I need this CD!
    can you pretty please post the lyrics somewhere? ’cause i can’t hear some of it properly 🙁

    • @Mercenary Pen, Yes! That is the original song! 😀

      Wait… it allowed you to put up a link without it asking me to approve. Awesome.

      And the one with my daughter, she couldn’t read at the time, so it was all memorized.

      • @Errol, Yep, that’s the second thing I linked to here today…

        And to be honest, even memorising it, I can think of several people I know that would have had trouble singing that song, particularly the ones at church that struggle with biblical names of people and places…