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Comic 265 – “Hyphen”


Errol: Yesterday, I made the mistake of asking Manda and James P Sheridan to blog about the comic. We all started fighting to have edit rights to the comic, because only one person can edit at a time. Stuff started to get overwritten, it was a very complicated affair.

Now, I’m just not going to tell them until the comic is posted. πŸ˜€

James: I like how Errol makes it seem like we are uninvited guests when he is the one who invites us and when we start arguing he eggs us on. This is Errol’s fault. And ‘Manda’s for not appreciating the greatness of Spider-Man (she acts like he hasn’t evolved since the 60s and he can control his “stickiness”!!). But its mostly just Errol’s fault.

Though I do like the idea of going door to door spreading the good word of Uncle Ben. Perhaps I should make some pamphlets about power and responsibility??

Whitless: Seriously, I was panicky and nervous because Errol and James thought it would be HILARIOUS to make me choose a topic on the spot and make me squirm.Β  There they were, giggling away at their own genius, and then I gain some confidence and actually choose a topic and James looked so disappointed it wasn’t Spiderman.

If anything good has come from this argument, it’s that I’m determined now to do my own Myst retrospective of all 6 games plus a quick look at the novels.Β  It’s gonna happen people, whether these guys like it or not.Β  HUZZAH!

Errol: For one, when AREN’T you panicky and nervous. Secondly… I LIKE MYST. I will be there on the Myst retrospective. You can’t stop me! πŸ˜€

40 Responses to Comic 265 – “Hyphen”

  1. Just to mention that the RSS feed for the podcast isn’t showing episode 9 for whatever reason.

    • @Mercenary Pen, They count a great deal sir, I was utilizing Errol’s bag of tricks and trying to twist his words. Unfortunately he is better at it than I am and the bit didn’t land…that seems to be a common occurance with my jokes. I should just stick to being the straightman.

      I have the utmost respect for the UK as that’s where I ancestry originates from (despite the very Irish sounding name, my grandfather was born in Belfast).

      • @jps, Yeah, generally best to pick and choose where you twist someone’s words to try and prevent backfires like that one…

        If you want to be anything other than a straight man, your best bet is practicing against somebody other than Errol to start with…

  2. @Mercenary Pen, Interesting about Debs and D&D- the question is which edition of D&D to play, considering that whilst 4th edition is current, the System Reference Document for 3.5e is available online free- which might be better for something you don’t think she’d pick up long term…

    Of course, I could always try throwing you guys into a D&D setting in a bonus strip at some point- My usual forums are heavily D&D based, so though I haven’t played or DMed all that much, I can generally talk the talk well enough to get by.

    • @Mercenary Pen, the last 4 people that were tenants in my house are LARPers and they also play D&D. I was considering suggesting them, but they play all the time, and I know Debs has no time for that.

    • @Mercenary Pen, Alternatively, you might try a slightly different pen and paper RPG to start with- for example the legend system that came out last year from -which was created by people, some of whom are on my usual forums, and who have been distributing in exchange for payments to charity…

      From what I’ve heard its a pretty awesome system, but also fairly well balanced as well- and with a bit of refluffing the mechanics (which they encourage) its possible to create near enough any heroic character- they even have elemental pony tracks available for getting people like Manda involved.

  3. Wait, is James reading Manda’s word bubbles? How does he know how she pronounces it? Does the hyphen change the pronunciation of it?

    Why do I get the idea that the “Church of Uncle Ben” would be about as good as “Church of the Fonz”?

  4. For the record Manda I have no issue with you doing a Myst episode on the podcast, but you blackballed my topic suggestion so quickly. πŸ™

    So there you have two episodes we can devote to your suggestions, one where you get to geek out about Myst and the other where we discuss being in the minority opinion about hated/loved movies.

    I can save up my Spider-Man energies for when the movie comes out this summer because I am SO going to spend a couple hours on that…and no one will stop me this time. Maniacal laugh. Maniacal laugh! MANIACAL LAUGH!!!

  5. i’m with @jps, the hyphen is mandatory!!!

    @Manda, how would you like it if we always spelled it “whit-less”? maybe i will do that from now on, man-da.

  6. Personally, I like how Manda and James P Sheridan are all conciliatory on public comments… but GET THEM IN A CHAT… BAM! POWERGLOVES ARE ON!

  7. 39 comments. That’s hilarious.

    By the way, I actually really like the movies you hate and everyone love/movies you love and everyone hates topic. I was looking forward to hearing about it and then your podcast got cut short. Can you do it another podcast. I think it would be interesting for everyone. I actually might understand your podcast for once… though, in your last one, I do know My little pony and the magic of friendship very well…..