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Through Your Eyes

Debs: Those of you who hang ’round these parts will know that Ja-Mez has been close to Sarah for a long time. She lives in Texas, so a lot of his Valentine’s Day surprising happens long distance. That means he’s used to getting creative! Last year, he really wanted to write her a song and so he wrote some silly lyrics which Errol turned into a ballad. Seriously, it was…unusual 😀

He wanted to gift her a song again this year and made what I think was the wiser choice of asking me to help. He had an existing piece of music in mind and three words (the title), that fit it perfectly. We had a two hour talk so I could get inside his head a little bit and then I went from there and also asked Errol to sing! We really like how it and what is most important, Sarah really likes it! 

Embedding (non-Soundcloud/non-Bandcamp) audio files is a bit weird, so I shall just link you all to the FAWM siteTry to see if you can figure out what this music is based on!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone, and Happy Anniversary to Errol & Keren!

Through Your Eyes

I see the flowers (I pay them no mind)
I see the strangers on the street (I don’t meet their eyes)
I see the sun rise (It’s the same as yesterday)
I see the children on the swings (I walk away)

I see the flowers (I smell them, they smell like rain)
I see the strangers on the street (I smile at them)
Through your eyes
Though your eyes

I see the sunrise (The colours blow me away)
I see the children on the swings (I push them high)
Through your eyes
Though your eyes

Deep breath
Shared glance
Joined hands
We slide into step

Through your eyes, I fall into place.

8 Responses to Through Your Eyes

  1. I assure you the luck is all mine. Luck in friends, luck that they are far more talented than I. Luck that Sarah actually seems to enjoy spending time with me, that she seems to enjoy my creative projects and continues to support me.

    I’m the one that’s blessed.

  2. Sadly the lyrics are not mine, just the broad concept. Full credit for the word-smithing goes to Lady Debs.

  3. Ooo that’s very pretty! Such a nice gift to give someone! 🙂

    I’m not sure what the music is based on though it does sound familiar.

  4. I did not get to hear the song yet (someone has the TV on) but the lyrics look amazing, and the sentiment is very sweet. Very very nice.