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Birthday Message to Mercenary Pen from D&E

Errol: Yes, MP comes up with stuff to celebrate birthdays. Yes, we all forgot his.

Debs: I didn’t forget! I didn’t know! But I should have. But now I shall always remember, for you see, there are only 5 days in the entire year where the month is the square root of the day, MP’s birthday is one of them.

Errol: So here’s yet another video from D&E. To be fair, I barely remember my kids birthdays. Rotten kids. Always wanting to do fun things on their birthday.

Debs: What?! If you don’t remember Zoe’s that means you don’t remember mine! Lesigh.

Errol: Ummm….nooooope…

Debs: Happy Birthday, MP. We are so sorry that we did not celebrate properly on the day itself and  promise that we shall never miss it again!

Errol: Don’t make promises like that! If there’s anything I learned in a relationship, it’s not to make promises.

EDIT: BTW, you can find the wiki entry for this on… the.. wiki. If you did a response for MP’s birthday, please update it on the wiki!

17 Responses to Birthday Message to Mercenary Pen from D&E

  1. Omg that was great, and hilarious…. and I’m still laughing! 🙂 Lore will crack up to know that I watched that while taking aspirin. XD

      • Oh.. I can’t swallow pills but I get constant headaches. Thus I do the gross (emphasis on gross) tasting bit of letting them melt in my mouth. Whenever Lore is around me doing that her goal is to make me laugh. It doesn’t work that often but she has other ammo to use now since your parody videos work quite well XD

      • You know, Jez, I was exactly the same way. I couldn’t swallow pills for the life of me. Hmm…I think when I had to take them regularly I kind of just made myself learn, and now I’m good.

      • Yeah… I know it’s all psychological ( I keep thinking I’m going to choke) but I’m so used to doing it my way that I can’t be bothered to learn. It doesn’t help that my family has small esophagus’ and we have a history of coughing and choking on anything and nothing lol.

      • I think my family does too. Sometimes pills get stuck in my throat with no amount of water to wash it down. So I have to eat something.

        And my mom has problems swallowing as well, but I don’t know the medical name for it. Leezet would know.

      • When I was a kid, I practiced with candy, which in hindsight was kind of stupid of me.

      • Those are the ones! They have a different name here, but those are exactly the candies I practiced with!

      • Well, how stupid was it if we can both swallow pills now, huh? HUH?! 😀

        Are they called Smarties in your world? Smarties in our world are like M&Ms but prettier colours!

      • Yeah. I need to try candy from your neck of the woods sometime. I love candy. 🙂

  2. I vote we file all birthday stuff on the wiki under the category of Community Shenanigans