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Comic 604 – “2Geeky4U Tonight!”


Errol: On the very off chance you are at this site for the first time and you are in Toronto and you are a geek I haven’t met, we are having our 2nd Anniversary show tonight! Please, come join us and check out the details on the FB event page (or the details to the right)!

Manda: This conversation sort of happened. I am indeed nervous, I get nervous for other people, but I’m also super excited! I still think Errol’s a little nervous :D. He keeps talking about all the stuff that has to happen before tonight.

Debs: I actually am a bit nervous. Like you said, Manda, there’s lots to do!

14 Responses to Comic 604 – “2Geeky4U Tonight!”

  1. Ugh that’s hard. I’m going to limit myself to CD songs since if I try to include all of them I’ll drive myself nuts. I tend to gage how much I like a song by how much I replay it and well… the CD and Catan are the only ones I have in MP3 format, so they get played more than the others. Ummmmm…… (*note: there was actually about a 5-10 minute pause here as I pondered the songs and listened to a few) it’s a toss up between Double Rainbow and AT-ATs. Eh let’s go with AT-ATs in the Snow. *nods*

    Yay concert! Have fun guys! 🙂

  2. Beastmaster’s Cry, though its only narrowly ahead of BSG, Totoro, Wheatley, TIE after TIE and Catan- and I’ve been listening to Falling Quickly a fair bit of late, so that may work its way up into contention for the place of honour.

    What can I say, I’m really bad at having a favourite of anything…

    • Good to know, MP. We have, for some reason, never performed Beastmaster. If we ever do another concert for you, we will learn it. 😀

  3. Oh, so many favorites! In no particular order, Catan, Beast Master, Totoro, First Page.

    Edit: easier to list the ones I like less, but that would be like less not dislike, and I’m afraid it would come across as dislike.

    Oh! And also love that Little Mermaid parody from the online concert. Can you guys do another one of those soon?

  4. Oh! I missed the little mermaid parody! that’s the first I’ve heard of that…

    My favorite from the CD:
    I Wish Totoro Was My Neighbour

    My favorite not yet performed in concert:
    Settlers of Catan

    My favorite video only song:
    Super Dad

    My favorite from a concert (I’ve never been to) and my overall favorite:

    • Aw… I should tell Debbie Ohi that. 😀 I will get that song covered on our next CD release that we may do in 2014.

  5. I’ve been listening to Wheatley quite a bit recently, so that’s definitely up there. Every time I listen to it, it reminds me that I really need to finish Portal 2 🙂 I also hadn’t really registered Wheatley’s accent until I watched the video and Errol pointed it out.

    I keep trying to list my favourites from the CD here and ending up with far too many songs so I’ll just mention the ones that nobody else has so far: Gaming With You and That’s What I Want in a Girl.

    And I know it’s not one of your songs, but I also keep watching One Day We’ll Meet For Real 🙂

    I hope the concert goes well/went well.

    • The concert was awesome! And One Day We’ll Meet is a great song! 😀 I’m hoping they’ll let us cover that too!

  6. Current obsession: Catan
    Fave on CD: Pachelbel, Totoro, Vomit, Rainbow
    Fave not on CD: First Page (of my story), Falling Slowly cover

    BTW good luck tonight!