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Comic 634 – “Con News”


Errol: Such exciting news. If you aren’t aware, you can check Orycon’s Website!
Debs: Hey! You didn’t say, “Don’t say ‘yes’ yet.” You said, “I’m in, I’ll check”. 😀
Errol: To be exact, I said, “I’m in, but let me check with my wife first.”

9 Responses to Comic 634 – “Con News”

  1. Cecilia’s fantastic. I’m so glad she invited you to Orycon! Otherwise, I might not have heard of you, and this would have been very bad.

    • It would have been a loss for us too! And now you get to join us on our site and comment! 😀 Next up, we need to get you a gravatar. 😀 Have you signed up yet? 😀

  2. You guys are awesome.

    Oooh, what is this gravatar of which you speak? And how does one go about attaining one? 😀

    • Thanks for the link, Lore 🙂 I was able to load a picture through gravatar for my Word Press account, but it isn’t connecting to this account.