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Comic 619 – “Urban Tapestry Concert”

Comic 619 – “Urban Tapestry Concert”

Errol: I may have been a little loud at the concerts. Manda: What? You weren’t that loud…okay, compared to all the polite clappers in the audience, maybe. Maybe I’m just used to louder Errol. And Urban Tapestry was awesome! I’m a sucker for harmonizing. Debs: I don’t remember him being loud either, but maybe because… Continue

Exciting News! ORYCON 35!

(Share Clip) Errol: Just in case you haven’t been following Twitter or Facebook, we were invited to Orycon 35 for November 8-10th, 2013. They are flying us out and we are the Filk Guests of Honor! This is so exciting for us! We’ve only performed outside of our city three times, and that in our… Continue